Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Okay, so my day went well overall. Began with a headache from hel,
preventing me from going to class. After some asprin, coldpack and
Reiki, the headache went away in time for me to get called in for an
interview at Waterford Assisted Living Home. Nice place, easy job
(witch I already know how to do) and only a 3 minute walk from my
place. Plus!

After the interview, I headed into ToE. We were asked to run a class
at DMACC today on Reflexology. It went very well. Helped one of the
Bears baseball players by fixing his elbow for him. Only good can
come of that. :)

Now for the interesting part. A coworker of mine at ToE is a palmist.
After asking to be read, I got a nice little reading some of witch I
knew, some witch was new information. What is strange though, is that
when I mentioned my 'unique' scar, (the one I brought back with me
after an astral traveling episone), she felt it. This lady happens to
also be a Healing Touch practioner. Before we had to part, she asked
me the quetion 'Have you ever been abducted?'. This answer happens to
be no, but the look she gave me clearly said 'Whoops.' She told me we
will talk at length about this later in the week, because what she
gleaned could mean a few different things.

I'm looking very forward to this conversation.

Merry Part

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