Thursday, March 29, 2012


Daniel Dwayne Ginger, Jr
ISU Biology Undergraduate
Delta Lambda Phi
Beta Lambda Chapter
Secretary - Service Director

Friday, March 26, 2010

Death of Democracy

If I may say so, the way things are going, America is fucked.

Just because some people disagree with the outcome of a democratic,
repeat DEMOCRATIC, vote, they've began threats of violence and death.
Some of these individuals have followed through with them. This. Is.

Republicans lost, get over it. I'm not even sure you can consider it
a loss. After several, illegal, flillibusters and other ways of
postponing and forced rewriting, the original bill that republicans
opposed doesn't exist! And now we have the Tea Party making death
threats and attempting assassinations on those who realized its time
to take the next step forward.

How is this ok? Do these people *want* to bring about anarchy? How
about beginning another Civil War? How does that sound?

Unless I'm mistaken, there was not an entire Democrat party committed
to violence 8 years ago when Former President Bush stole office.
Those of us who didn't/don't like him dealt with it, and now look
where we are. In an entirely unnecessary war and trying to fix 8
years worth of mistakes in our country, while having obstacle after
obstacle thrown in our way at every turn.

I do believe its time to take a step back, breathe and decide where
you see our country in the near future. If you see us prospering and
not a torn up country, then stop your war mongering and get into the
debating and decision-making our country is built on.

Blessed Be

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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Guardian

"Alright, Kaycee and I will go this way. Chad, you and Danny check
over there" Gina says.

Before we split thought, I say "Gina wait. ...I feel like I need to go
that way. I feel...drawn".

"Okay, then Danny, Chad, go that way. We'll search over there".

Chad and I go towards the 3 story mansion. Walking up to the door, I
know exactly where to go. I'm being led there.

Three rooms in, I take a right into an old room, I can't really tell
what it was. There are a few tables and what once may have been some
chairs. Then there's the smokey figure in the back of the room. Its
a woman, curly hair, I think. Chad's taking the picture while I watch
the woman.

Out of nowhere, I get this feeling. Chad needs to move, now. As I
push him out of the way, just as the floor gives. I fall down a long
tunnel into what appears to be a maze of tunnels. The way back up?
Blocked by debris.

"Danny! Danny, are you alright?" Chad yells down at me.

"Yea, fine! Just...dirty."

"Hold on. I'll be right down!"

"No, don't bother. The tunnels blocked! No way in" I say, shining my
flashlight into the tunnel to see what's ahead.

"I'm going to go get the others".

"Ok," I reply, starting forward, feeling I need to continue.

The tunnels are intricate, but I know where to go. I'm drawn there.
I walk. Minutes add up, I've lost track of time.

Finally, I enter a large cavern.

"Finally, you're here!"

"...who're you?"

"I am The Gaurdian."

After a long conversation with The Guardian (which I don't remember),
I find my way out of the caves.

. . . . . . .

That was my dream last night. Interesting huh? You no what's more
interesting? The fact that when I told my dream to Gina, I am
surprised to find out that not only has she encountered a being
calling itself The Gaurdian...but that she encountered this entity in
Boone Iowa.

When she met it, it took the form of a massive dog, almost wolf. It
was at an insane asylum. The building is gone, torn down three years

There is the internet though. Chad looked up a picture of the old
place for me. Low and behold, there lays the three story mansion
from my dream. Or premonition?

Gina has agreed to do an investigation when it warms up on the land
where the Asylum lay. Hopefully, I'll be prepared for whatever I

Merry Part?

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost in Wonderland

I have decided to get lost in Wonderland. The colors and flora and
landscape! Just beautiful!

If one could not tell, I saw Alice in Wonderland tonight (with my
friend Jeff). I would easily recommend it to anyone.

It goes into Alice as a "grown up" and what happens after she returns
to Wonderland. I'm not going to go into it so not to ruin it for
anyone, but its absolutely fabulous! The look of the place is second
only to the planet of the Navi (Avatar).

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Okay, so my day went well overall. Began with a headache from hel,
preventing me from going to class. After some asprin, coldpack and
Reiki, the headache went away in time for me to get called in for an
interview at Waterford Assisted Living Home. Nice place, easy job
(witch I already know how to do) and only a 3 minute walk from my
place. Plus!

After the interview, I headed into ToE. We were asked to run a class
at DMACC today on Reflexology. It went very well. Helped one of the
Bears baseball players by fixing his elbow for him. Only good can
come of that. :)

Now for the interesting part. A coworker of mine at ToE is a palmist.
After asking to be read, I got a nice little reading some of witch I
knew, some witch was new information. What is strange though, is that
when I mentioned my 'unique' scar, (the one I brought back with me
after an astral traveling episone), she felt it. This lady happens to
also be a Healing Touch practioner. Before we had to part, she asked
me the quetion 'Have you ever been abducted?'. This answer happens to
be no, but the look she gave me clearly said 'Whoops.' She told me we
will talk at length about this later in the week, because what she
gleaned could mean a few different things.

I'm looking very forward to this conversation.

Merry Part

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Day's end

So, like I said, I will post more often. My friends and I just
finished playing DnD. I'm really loving my character. Healing
Shaman. Very cool.

The rest of the day was cool too. Slept in till noon, actually
sleeping thanks to my friend The Cap'tn. Lol. Going to bed now and
then I'll be headin to Bio in the am. ...I think I'll stay busy
tomorrow tho. Its about time I start all my soc journals...I don't
want to have to deal with ALL of them at the same time come end of
semester. Ick.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

New beginings

Okay, so I'm going to try starting this again. I've set my blog up to my email now so that should prompt me to write more. We'll see. :)