Friday, March 12, 2010

The Guardian

"Alright, Kaycee and I will go this way. Chad, you and Danny check
over there" Gina says.

Before we split thought, I say "Gina wait. ...I feel like I need to go
that way. I feel...drawn".

"Okay, then Danny, Chad, go that way. We'll search over there".

Chad and I go towards the 3 story mansion. Walking up to the door, I
know exactly where to go. I'm being led there.

Three rooms in, I take a right into an old room, I can't really tell
what it was. There are a few tables and what once may have been some
chairs. Then there's the smokey figure in the back of the room. Its
a woman, curly hair, I think. Chad's taking the picture while I watch
the woman.

Out of nowhere, I get this feeling. Chad needs to move, now. As I
push him out of the way, just as the floor gives. I fall down a long
tunnel into what appears to be a maze of tunnels. The way back up?
Blocked by debris.

"Danny! Danny, are you alright?" Chad yells down at me.

"Yea, fine! Just...dirty."

"Hold on. I'll be right down!"

"No, don't bother. The tunnels blocked! No way in" I say, shining my
flashlight into the tunnel to see what's ahead.

"I'm going to go get the others".

"Ok," I reply, starting forward, feeling I need to continue.

The tunnels are intricate, but I know where to go. I'm drawn there.
I walk. Minutes add up, I've lost track of time.

Finally, I enter a large cavern.

"Finally, you're here!"

"...who're you?"

"I am The Gaurdian."

After a long conversation with The Guardian (which I don't remember),
I find my way out of the caves.

. . . . . . .

That was my dream last night. Interesting huh? You no what's more
interesting? The fact that when I told my dream to Gina, I am
surprised to find out that not only has she encountered a being
calling itself The Gaurdian...but that she encountered this entity in
Boone Iowa.

When she met it, it took the form of a massive dog, almost wolf. It
was at an insane asylum. The building is gone, torn down three years

There is the internet though. Chad looked up a picture of the old
place for me. Low and behold, there lays the three story mansion
from my dream. Or premonition?

Gina has agreed to do an investigation when it warms up on the land
where the Asylum lay. Hopefully, I'll be prepared for whatever I

Merry Part?

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