Friday, March 26, 2010

Death of Democracy

If I may say so, the way things are going, America is fucked.

Just because some people disagree with the outcome of a democratic,
repeat DEMOCRATIC, vote, they've began threats of violence and death.
Some of these individuals have followed through with them. This. Is.

Republicans lost, get over it. I'm not even sure you can consider it
a loss. After several, illegal, flillibusters and other ways of
postponing and forced rewriting, the original bill that republicans
opposed doesn't exist! And now we have the Tea Party making death
threats and attempting assassinations on those who realized its time
to take the next step forward.

How is this ok? Do these people *want* to bring about anarchy? How
about beginning another Civil War? How does that sound?

Unless I'm mistaken, there was not an entire Democrat party committed
to violence 8 years ago when Former President Bush stole office.
Those of us who didn't/don't like him dealt with it, and now look
where we are. In an entirely unnecessary war and trying to fix 8
years worth of mistakes in our country, while having obstacle after
obstacle thrown in our way at every turn.

I do believe its time to take a step back, breathe and decide where
you see our country in the near future. If you see us prospering and
not a torn up country, then stop your war mongering and get into the
debating and decision-making our country is built on.

Blessed Be

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JJ said...

psst. filibusters are not illegal, and for the record, the Democrats used the threat of them to kill things during Republican years as well.

Blackguard said...

No, they in themselves are not illegal. When you continuously use them without your desired effect and then push to have the 60%nessesary vote upped because you dont like the results, it tends to be become illegal. Or has morjority rules just been shot to hell?

JJ said...

it's a protection against tyranny of the majority, and if used properly is very effective. Contrary to popular belief, majority rule is not the law of the land ... if it were, it'd be easier for several of the civil right laws that have been passed to be overturned.

Blackguard said...

And I understand that. But when the filibuster is overturned, then they raise the pass percentage and it is again overturned, and they filibuster again to repeat the gets ridiculous after a while because obviously the bill is doing well. They need to get it through their thick skulls that they've failed. It seemed to me they where trying to make it a 100% vote so it would never go through. Not how our law making system is supposed to work.